Making It....Object Design for Jewellers


Participants will develop an understanding of the object design process from sketching and model making to translation into a three-dimensional object, or suite of related objects. Participants will explore and experiment with different media and methods of fabrication to problem-solve construction methods for the production of one of their designs.

Course content

Sketching: Using a personal collection of 10 items as a source of inspiration, the participants will be guided through a series of directed drawing activities with the intention of building and developing their sketches into three-dimensional maquettes Prototypes: These sketches will be used to construct and build paper-card models exploring the different ways of working from 2 dimensions into 3 dimensions. A series of prototypes will be developed using a diverse range of non-precious materials with the emphasis on experimentation and play. There will be discussion about scale, function and non-function. Object: Using one prototype, an object will be constructed from metal, or metal incorporating other materials; or the one design may be made in three different media, making a suite of related works. Demonstrations: There will be ongoing assistance and demonstrations as the need arises during the course of the workshop. Relevant and appropriate metal manipulation and fabrication, surface treatments and finishes will be considered. Discussion: During the workshop there will be ongoing group discussion and opportunities for participants to share their skills, knowledge and experiments. Documentation of ideas and experiments is encouraged for future reference.

Ideal for

This course is suited to those with some experience in gold & silversmithing. Participants need to be self directed, able to use a torch (anneal, solder) and have an interest in exploring their practice further.

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