Audio Production - Studio Recording for the Music Industry


Have you always wanted to record and produce music in a recording studio using the latest in recording technology? In this practical course you will get involved in setting up mics, tweaking faders, setting EQs and operating the industry standard, high resolution, hard disk recording software, Avid Pro Tools. This hands-on course will give you an overview of both the theory and practice of audio production techniques.

As well as working in the recording studio you will get to edit, mix and produce recordings on your own Pro Tools equipped music production computer setup.

Course content

Introduction to the studio

Introduction to recording and mixing hardware

Navigating the mixing console

One day full multi-track recording session with an indie band

Use of microphones

Cables and signal flow

Sound and acoustics

Digital editing and hard disc recording

Avid Pro Tools digital editing software

Introduction to software synthesisers and music creation

Signal processing

Music editing, EQ, compressors, reverbs and mastering

Ideal for

Musicians or non-musicians who wish to experience a modern recording studio and the processes involved in recording and mixing a great sounding track. This course is suited to both younger students (16+) and those of all ages who are wishing to explore this field further. This course is a great way for students to get an understanding of how RMIT teaches Sound Production.

Available course dates

12 July 2014

  • Code S345193
  • Start date 12.07.14
  • End date 02.08.14
  • Hours 24.00
  • Campus City
  • Fee $620.00
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02.08.14 10:00am 05:00pm 6.00

29 September 2014

  • Code S345193
  • Start date 29.09.14
  • End date 02.10.14
  • Hours 24.00
  • Campus City
  • Fee $620.00
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Session Date  Start  End Hours
29.09.14 10:00am 05:00pm 6.00
30.09.14 10:00am 05:00pm 6.00
01.10.14 10:00am 05:00pm 6.00
02.10.14 10:00am 05:00pm 6.00

08 November 2014

  • Code S345193
  • Start date 08.11.14
  • End date 29.11.14
  • Hours 24.00
  • Campus City
  • Fee $620.00
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08.11.14 10:00am 05:00pm 6.00
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22.11.14 10:00am 05:00pm 6.00
29.11.14 10:00am 05:00pm 6.00